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Some of your customers, fans and haters are always on the run. They use their smart phones and tablets to send quick and witty messages to your social media accounts. Most of these messages are shout-outs or people simply refer to your company. However, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts are used more and more for customer care purposes. But monitoring your accounts might intervene with your daily operation.

QUIPP understands the importance of interacting with your customers, fans and haters through social media. But we also understand only few companies can afford to be online all the time. Luckily QUIPP can. 

In one simple tool we manage all your accounts. We not only monitor and/or reply to the messages sent to your accounts. Among many other things we also determine the online credibility of senders. We then know in which order to reply and interact. But we also find out where all senders come from, and are always right on top of trending topics regarding your organization. 

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